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About Us

Procurement Plus is an outsourced purchasing and logistics company located in Southern California and has been providing supply chain solutions to clients across the country and supporting their growth throughout the world. Client operations include restaurants, hotels, casinos, clubs, business and institutional feeders, retirement communities and school districts. 

Because Procurement Plus is not a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), it can more effectively provide clients with customized purchasing and consulting services, sourcing and distribution, product contract negotiations, ongoing audits, and product sourcing.


Dave Ditzler is the Owner/Founder of Procurement Plus, and he and his team have one mission: to help hospitality operators build on their own strengths while taking advantage of Procurement Plus expertise and experience to maximize efficiencies and bottom-line profits through the supply chain.



Our team has decades of experiences in knowing the ins and outs of food service distribution. We know the challenges and leverage points of distribution and are best positioned to negotiate with distributors to secure the best agreements for our client’s business. We understand how distributors make their money and build our RFP’s to scope to maximize our client’s profitability.

Purchasing and Contracting

We understand and know commodity markets and negotiate directly with the manufacturers in the industry, including large national brands and small local processors. Procurement Plus has an extensive track record of finding the best vendors for our clients and their needs. We follow consumer trends and know what clients should be paying for the products they use.